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   Note: Flow builder is still in the beta phase meaning there is more to come than what we preview here in this article. We will update this article as new functionality is added.

We're excited to announce that Postscript is in the beta phase of our new flow builder, which will allow shops to visually build Campaign Flows and Automation Flows.

Why You Should Check Out Flow Builder

  • Create Campaign Flows with wait delays between messages.
  • Use drag and drop functionality to move messages and wait time blocks around your flow.
  • Send flows right away or schedule them to kick off at a later date and time.

Create a Flow

Create a Segment

Campaign flows require you to pick a subscriber segment to trigger the flow. You can use an existing segment, but if you wish to use a new segment, you will need to create the new segment before creating a flow.

If you're new to the flow builder, it might be best to create a smaller test segment that you can send your flow to before sending a flow to a larger segment.

Create a Campaign Flow

  1. Select Messaging in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select Flow Builder.
  2. Select Create Flow in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. You can Rename Your Flow and Enter a Description in the top-left corner of your flow.
  4. Select your segment from the Set Up Trigger drop-down.
  5. At this time, you can add a Send Message and Wait block to your flow. Simply drag either step to the + Add Step bubble in the flow you're building.
    • Send Message: Craft a text message as part of a flow. You can use tags such as {first_name}, include an image of GIF, and add emojis. A Send Message block is required to activate a flow.
    • Wait: Add a time delay between other steps (like a Send Message step). You can set the wait time to minutes, hours, or days.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your flow, you can select Save Flow in the top-right corner of the page.
  7. If you're ready to send your flow, select Activate in the top-right corner of the page. You have two options when sending a flow:
    • Activate immediately: This option will immediately begin the one-time flow.
    • Activate at a scheduled time and date: Choose when you'd like the flow to begin. 
   Note: Postscript adheres to TCPA-defined quiet hours for flows. Flow messages scheduled to send outside these quiet hours will send during the next waking hours window. Learn more about quiet hours here.

Edit or Delete a Flow

You can only edit and delete flows in draft status. If you have activated or scheduled a flow, then it cannot be edited or deleted.

  • To edit a flow draft, select the name of the flow. This takes you to the flow builder.
  • To delete a flow draft, select Delete to the far-right of the flow's row.
  • To view an activated flow, select the name of the flow. Here you can view analytics for the specific flow, including the total number of subscribers reached, the number of messages sent, the number of clicks, and total earnings. You can also view metrics by individual message.

Flow Builder Q&A

What does Campaign Flow mean?

Campaign flows are essentially campaigns. This means that a Campaign Flow can only be sent one time. Once it has been sent, you cannot send it again. You'll have to create a new flow.

Can subscribers be added to a flow after I’ve activated it?

Not at this time. Right now, we only support one-time Campaign flows. When you select a segment of subscribers for a flow, only the subscribers in that segment at the time the flow is activated will get the messages in the flow. Any subscribers added to the segment after the flow has been activated will not get the messages.

Can subscribers be removed from a flow after it’s been activated?

Yes! Subscribers in the flow's selected segment are the subscribers who start out in a flow once it's activated. At each step in the flow, we re-evaluate whether or not a subscriber is still in that segment. If they are no longer in the segment at the time of a flows step, then they are removed from the flow entirely.

Example: Say a shop creates a segment for subscribers who haven't made a purchase in the past 10 days. At the time of flow activation, there are 2 subscribers in that segment. The first step of the flow sends a message right away. That means both subscribers will get that initial message. However, say the flow has a wait block set for 2 days before sending the second message in the flow. If one of the subscribers in the flow makes a purchase during those 2 days, then they will be removed from the flow and not receive the second message.

Can I schedule a flow to be activated at a future date/time?

Yes, you can! Flows can be scheduled to be activated at a future date and time. When that future date arrives, the flow will automatically be activated for the selected group of subscribers. 

At this time, scheduled flows cannot be unscheduled. We are working on adding this functionality soon.

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