Data Sync for Enterprise Customers

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We're excited to announce that Postscript now offers data sync capabilities for our enterprise customers.

About Postscript Data Sync

Data Sync is Postscript’s enterprise-grade data sharing product that is designed to help individual shops access granular message, subscriber, and related data sets.

Data Sync can push data daily directly to a cloud storage system your shop utilizes, or via secure share with Snowflake computing.

We currently support the following cloud storage solutions:

  • Amazon AWS (via s3)
  • Google Cloud (via Google Storage)
  • Azure Blob
  • Snowflake Secure Share (You must be using Snowflake data warehouse to use this option)

Why You Should Consider Postscript Data Sync

  • Integrate Postscript with your existing BI tools and combine with internal data for deeper insights
  • Data Sync drops data daily to your cloud storage or Snowflake. All you need to do is work it into your preferred analytics platform.
  • Gain actionable insight that will allow you and your team to make informed decisions about your campaigns and automations.

Data that Postscript Data Sync Includes

Data provided via Data Sync is the exact data available through the Postscript app; however, Data Sync is ideal for customers looking to review their data more frequently.

  • Subscribers
  • Unsubscribe events
  • Order attribution
  • URL clicks
  • Sent and received messages

How to Inquire About Postscript Data Sync

Postscript Data Sync is perfect for shops with their own data warehouse or business intelligence (BI) platform that want more granular, robust reporting.

If you are an existing Postscript merchant and are interested in Postscript Data Sync for your shop, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or support at the contact information below.

Get Support

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