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Campaigns let you send a single message to your entire subscriber base or specific customer segments (more on that below). Because campaigns contain a single message and can be scheduled, they're the perfect way to communicate upcoming product drops, promotions, and giveaways.

Why Your First Campaigns are Important

  • Campaigns are another great opportunity to showcase the voice and personality of your brand.
  • Reach specific parts of your customer base using customer segments (e.g., customers who have made a purchase, subscribers who have not made a purchase).
  • Campaigns are better suited than automations to promote specific products, tease upcoming sales, and engage customers in conversation.

Segment Customers

Segments help you target subscribers and customers based on historical data to ensure you are sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.  

Postscript comes pre-loaded with several popular customer segments, such as:

  • All US/Canada Customers and Subscribers
  • Customers with 2+ Purchases
  • Total Spend $100 - $500

Once you create a customer segment and define the segmenting criteria, Postscript does the rest. For example, let's create a quick segment for subscribers who have yet to make a purchase in our store.

  1. Select Messaging in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select Segments.
  2. Select Create Segment in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Name your segment. For this example, we've called ours "Subscribers - No Orders."
  4. Define your Segment Criteria.
    • In the dark blue criteria drop-down, select Number of Orders.
    • In the second drop-down, select Equals.
    • Finally, in the value field, send 0 (zero).
  5. Select Save in the bottom-right corner of the page.

Notice in the above example that when we created our segment, Postscript told us the current segment size was 104 members.

If we were to send a campaign right now, it could go out to 104 subscribers. If we waited a week, that number would change. We might have more subscribers who have opted-in during that time, or we could have current subscribers who have made a purchase and so they no longer fit the "Number of Orders = 0" segment criteria.

Postscript handles making sure the right subscribers make it to the right segment based on your criteria. You simply need to define it once, and Postscript will take care of the rest.

Send Campaigns

We recommend you send your first campaign once you've reached 100+ subscribers. With a subscriber base this size, any data collected (e.g., unsubscribe rate, click-through rate, conversion rate) can help inform future campaigns.

Let's look at two campaigns: one that targets subscribers who have yet to make a purchase and one that targets customers who have made a purchase. 

Subscribers with No Orders Customers Who Have Ordered

  • Since these subscribers haven't placed an order, we provide a general reminder of what they can find in our store.
  • Our campaign is timely since, as mentioned, winter is on the way.
  • We offer a special promo code they can use on their order.
  • We link them to our store, making it easy for them to jump to it on their phone.

What's Next?

  • Fantastic Texts. Need some inspiration? Check out some real-life customers and how they interact with their subscribers. Here are some examples of campaign messages.
  • Create a Custom GIF. Learn how to create a custom GIF to feature your products in your campaigns.
  • Clone a Campaign. Learn how to re-create past campaigns (and save yourself time) using our Clone Campaign feature.
  • Clone a Segment. Learn how to build off foundational segments (and save yourself time) using our Clone Segment feature.

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