New Feature: Browse Abandonment

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We're excited to announce that Postscript now offers browse abandonment, which allows you to send automations to subscribers who have visited your store, looked around, but never started the checkout process.

About Browse Abandonment

With browse abandonment, you can create automations that will remind subscribers of items they checked out in your store but never put into a cart. It's an effective way to re-engage a potential sale and remind subscribers of their initial interest.

What You Need to Know

  • Browse abandonment automations will send after a browsing session by a cookied subscriber.
  • A single browsing session will include all products viewed within a 30-minute window of the first viewed product.
  • At this time, our browse abandonment automation follows the same guidelines as an abandoned cart automation:
    • The automation can only contain one message.
    • You should send this message within 48 hours of the browsing session.

Create a Browse Abandonment Automation

You can create a Browse Abandonment automation just as you would any other automation. You'll first define the behavior of the automation, then craft your automation message.

Define Your Browse Abandonment Automation Behavior

  1. For your Automation Trigger, select Subscriber Viewed Product. This trigger option is also available as the Cancellation Trigger.
  2. Select Yes from the Trigger Filters drop-down, then + Add Filter. You can define one or more filters. Brand new trigger filters available for the browse abandonment automation trigger include:
    • Total Number of Products Viewed 
    • First Product ID Viewed
    • First Product URL Viewed
    • Last Product ID Viewed
    • Last Product URL Viewed
    • Max Price Viewed

Create Your Browse Abandonment Automation Message

  1. Select the blue More drop-down above the message field. 
    • You can add dynamic photos that relate to a subscriber's specific browsing experience by selecting Add First Viewed Product Photo or Add Last Viewed Product Photo.
    • Adding a dynamic photo makes your message an MMS message.
  2. To add message tags, select Add Tag from the More drop-down. Brand new message tags available for a browse abandonment message include:
    • First Product Viewed URL. Send a subscriber straight to the page of the first item they viewed rather than a general link to your store.
    • Last Product Viewed URL. Send a subscriber straight to the page of the last item they viewed rather than a general link to your store.
    • First Product Viewed. Display the item name of the first item a subscriber viewed in their browsing session.
    • Last Product Viewed. Display the item name of the last item a subscriber viewed in their browsing session.

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