Social Media Overview

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These days, consumers are more likely to check out your social media accounts before heading to your website to shop, and that’s easy traffic you could convert into SMS subscribers.

Why You Want to Grow Your List with Social Media

  • Social media allows you to reach followers who are already interested and/or engaged with your brand.
  • Platforms make it easy for followers to re-share posts and stories, giving your opt-in opportunities even more reach.
  • Countless opportunities to have fun and get creative while still ensuring compliant SMS collection.

Before You Get Started

Before you kick off SMS list growth with social media, there are two quick things we want to put on your radar: keywords and opt-in links. Understanding each of these will help you create effective and compliant opt-in opportunities.

  • Unique Keywords
    • Use a unique keyword for each post, giveaway, or promotion for each social media platform. By unique, we mean you should not advertise this keyword elsewhere--on your website, popups, or other SMS campaigns.
    • A unique keyword allows you to know which subscribers opted in via a specific campaign and social media platform.
  • Opt-In Links
    • While Postscript can create an opt-in link for you, the opt-in process is different for mobile and desktop subscribers.
      • Desktop: Individuals who select the link on a desktop or tablet will be taken to the landing page you created during the opt-in link creation process.
      • Mobile: For individuals on their mobile device, selecting the link will launch their native messaging app with the mobile opt-in message you created during the opt-in link creation process pre-loaded. 
    • You can embed an opt-in form (created via Klaviyo or another list growth integration) on a dedicated page on your website. This page will display the same for both mobile and desktop subscribers and provide a compliant opt-in experience.


If you have a strong Instagram following (or you're working on growing one), you're likely posting stories and engaging with your followers on a regular basis. Why not use these interactions as an opportunity to grow your SMS subscriber list?

Grid Posts Instagram Stories

Posting on your Instagram grid is a great way to stay present in your followers' Instagram feeds. You can promote a giveaway, sale, or VIP club and invite your followers to subscribe to SMS messages for a giveaway entry, discount code, or exclusive news and deals.

What do you need in a grid post?

  • Your short code or phone number.
  • A unique keyword that can help you track the post as an opt-in source.
  • Compliant opt-in language beneath the call to action.

Keep in mind that these items are necessary for both an image post and for a call to action in a post description.

Learn more about growing your list with Instagram here.


Facebook posts give you visibility across your follower’s feeds and within the community you've built if you have a brand group.

Facebook Posts Facebook Paid Lead Ads

Post in your customer community or on your company page and use the space to offer discounts, promote a giveaway, or tease your VIP SMS club.

What do you need in a Facebook post?

  • Your short code or phone number.
  • A unique keyword that can help you track the post as an opt-in source OR an opt-in link that directs followers to your SMS collection form.
    • If using a keyword, you must include compliant opt-in language beneath the call to action.
    • If using an opt-in link, compliance language appears beneath the opt-in fields, so you're covered!


TikTok is a unique medium where bite-sized and engaging videos can gain a lot of traction and work well for many brands.

If you have a strong follower base or are building one, you’ll want to take advantage of getting easy opt-ins. Remember here that compliance language should be visible anywhere you include a keyword or form.

TikTok is a rapidly evolving platform and we're actively working to confirm compliant opt-in procedures for videos and live broadcasts.

At this time, for TikTok, we recommend you create a "link in bio" experience that includes a link to your dedicated landing page. This ensures that every subscriber has viewed the compliance language prior to opting in.

Compliance Language Requirements

When collecting subscribers, the TCPA requires you to include necessary compliance language that informs visitors that they are opting into SMS messaging from your store. This language needs to appear beneath your call to action (e.g., an opt-in link or Text "DOGGONE" to 54631)

Here's the TCPA-approved compliance language:

*I agree to receive recurring automated marketing text messages (e.g. cart reminders) at the phone number provided. Consent is not a condition to purchase. Msg & data rates may apply. Msg frequency varies. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. View our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

You should now be all set to grow your list with email!

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