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   Note: If you are on a free trial with Postscript, uploading a subscriber list that is over 1,000 subscribers will end your free trial.

If you are new to Postscript, you can upload a list of SMS subscribers you collected on another platform. In order to do so, you'll need to ensure and certify that you collected these subscribers in a TCPA-compliant manner.

Why You Want to Upload a Subscriber List

  • Jumpstart your Postscript SMS marketing efforts with a solid subscriber base.
  • Start viewing the effectiveness of campaigns and automations as opposed to waiting for enough subscribers to measure effectiveness.
  • Create more curated SMS experiences for these users than previously available (i.e., engaging welcome series automations).

Upload Your Subscriber List

You can access the form for uploading your existing SMS subscriber list here.

  1. Enter your basic contact details.
  2. Specify which Application you used to collect these subscribers.
  3. Select which Collection Methods were used to collect these subscribers.
  4. Enter the Number of Subscribers included in your .csv file.
    • Uploading more than 1,000 subscribers ends your Postscript free trial. If applicable, acknowledge that you understand. 
  5. Enter any tag you would like applied to subscribers in this list. Tags help with segmentation and allow you to target subscribers in a specific list upload. We discuss this more below.
    • Note: Tags are case and character-sensitive. How you enter it in the form is how the Postscript team will tag it in the app (e.g., facebook vs. Facebook, Oct_Giveaway vs. Oct Giveaway).
  6. Attach your Subscriber List. Files must be in .csv format.
  7. Certify that you collected these subscribers in a TCPA-compliant manner.
  8. Select Submit.

Please note that by submitting a list for upload, you certify you collected subscribers in a TCPA-compliant manner. If you're not sure, please consult a TCPA defense attorney.

   Note: If you have collected subscribers on Facebook or by other means while already using Postscript, our team can review these subscribers but we do not guarantee their upload as List Upload is geared for accounts that are just getting started with Postscript.

List Upload Compliance

Postscript is serious about compliance. Damages for non-compliant text messages can be $500-1500 per message under the TCPA, so it is imperative that you ensure you collected your subscribers compliantly according to all applicable regulations.

To learn more about TCPA compliance, you can read our Compliance Guide.

What's Next?

Our Postscript Support Team uploads and tags subscriber lists as quickly as possible. You'll receive an email notification once a team member starts the process, and will see a popup notification within your Postscript dashboard once this process completes. Please note that lists of over 1,000 subscribers may take up to 48 business hours.

Once you've got your imported subscribers into Postscript, consider sending out a welcome message via a campaign that lets them know about your new number.

Create a Segment for an Uploaded List

Once the Postscript team has uploaded a tagged subscriber list, you can create a customer segment using the tag(s) that will allow you to reach out to the subscribers that were included in that particular list upload.

For example, you can:

  • Send these subscribers a personalized welcome campaign message. 
  • Introduce these subscribers to your new toll-free number or short code.

  1. Select Messaging in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select Segments.
  2. Select Create Segment in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Name your segment. It might help to include List Upload and your tag name so you can easily identify it when selecting it for a campaign.
  4. Select Subscriber Tags from the Segment Criteria drop-down.
  5. In the Value field, enter the name of your tag.
    • Note: Tags are case and character-sensitive. You will need to enter the tag exactly how the Postscript team tagged it in the app. Once entered, the number of members in your segment should refresh.
  6. Select Save Segment in the bottom-right corner of the page.

Get Support

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to our wonderful Support team at support@postscript.io or via live chat. You can also submit a support request here!

Need ongoing channel strategy guidance? Please fill out this form and we'll connect you to one of our certified partners.

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