Postscript Dashboard Walkthrough

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Welcome to your Postscript app! We've designed this walkthrough to give you a high-level view of the features available in your top and side menus. 

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About Postscript

Postscript is an SMS & MMS marketing platform for Shopify stores. With Postscript, merchants can create customized campaigns and automations that target specific segments of their customer and subscriber base. 

Why You Should Install Postscript

  • Start sending texts in minutes. Use our library of customizable automation templates or build your messages from scratch.
  • Easily grow your SMS subscriber list with TCPA-compliant popups, opt-in links, keywords, and more.
  • Create segments of subscribers using AOV, last purchase date, last product purchased, and more.


Your dashboard gives you a quick glance at your overall Postscript success. You can see how many new subscribers you've gained, how many responses you've received, and the total amount of money your shop has earned in the specified time frame.  

You can also view your top automations and campaigns, plus the analytics for each. If you scroll down, you can view how many subscribers you've gained within the designated time frame and where they were collected from.

   Want to return to your dashboard from another page? Just select Postscript in the top-left corner of the page.

Use the Search field in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard to jump to specific campaigns, automations, keywords, and subscribers.

You can also launch your search using hotkeys:

  • Mac: ⌘ + K
  • Windows: CTRL + K



Campaigns allow you to schedule and send messages to a specific customer segment or your entire customer base. Use campaigns to promote product launches, holidays, offers, back-in-stock, or other announcements. Typically, the more targeted your campaigns are, the better they will perform. 

Learn more about campaigns here.


Automations allow you to create multi-stage communications triggered by a certain event (e.g., subscribing to texts, abandoning a cart, etc.) Automations run automatically in the background and are a great way to keep customers engaged. Choose from 26+ triggers: from keyword opt-in to order delivered and everything in between. For best results, we recommend using at least 4 automations.

Learn more about automations here.

Flow Builder

Campaign flows are the perfect way to send multi-message campaigns to a specific customer segment or your entire subscriber base. With Flow Builder, you can easily visualize and build your flow, add delays between messages, and schedule a start date for sending.

Learn more about Flow Builder here.


Segments help you target subscribers and customers based on historical data to ensure you are sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Combine 35+ filters to create highly customized segments. These are active lists that Postscript will update as new subscribers match the criteria you define.

Learn more about segments here.


Our Responses tab allows you to view texts that your subscribers have sent you and reply to those messages in a timely manner. You can also use our help desk integrations or text-to-email forwarding to manage responses.

Learn more about responses here.



Keywords are branded terms that people can text to your short code or toll-free number to opt-in to SMS messaging. You can promote keywords anywhere: on your website, social media, email campaigns, product packaging, in-person events, etc. You can also generate opt-in links associated with specific keywords.

Learn more about keywords here.


Popups are a powerful way to grab attention and engage users who visit your website on their desktop and mobile devices. Postscript popups are TCPA-compliant, fully customizable to your brand, and allow you to collect both phone numbers and emails.

Learn more about popups here.

List Growth Tools

Growing your subscriber list is an essential part of any SMS marketing strategy. Postscript offers you several ways to grow your list, allowing you to engage with your followers, customers, and potential subscribers across multiple outlets and in a variety of ways. 

Learn more about the various ways to grow your list here.

Checkout Collection

Set up your checkout page to collect subscribers, attribute orders, and trigger valuable automations.

Have a checkout integration? Learn how these checkouts work with Postscript: Shopify Checkout, Shopify Plus Checkout, ReCharge Checkout, OneClickUpsell Checkout, and CartHook Checkout.



View message data by type (e.g., keyword, campaign flow, automation, etc.) over time. Metrics include the total number of messages sent, total clicks, unique clicks, unique CTR, orders, and revenue.


View subscriber data by opt-in source over time. Metrics include the number of subscribers, orders, revenue, messages sent and received, revenue per subscriber, and earnings per message. 


Generate reports for active and unsubscribed subscribers as well as revenue (last 90 days).



Simplify your workflow and how your solutions interact with these automation integrations.


Providing highly targeted, relevant campaigns and communications is key to keeping your SMS subscriber list active and healthy. With these integrations, you can make recommendations, upsell opportunities, and more based on order history or cart contents to nail those conversions.

Customer Support

Manage all customer communications in one place—including customer responses to automations and campaigns. Customer Support and Help Desk integrations are simple to set up and allow you to respond in a text thread with a customer from your preferred support platform.

List Growth

Growing your subscriber list is an essential part of any SMS marketing strategy. With these integrations, you can design powerful popups and interactive experiences that allow subscribers to opt-in and pushes their phone number to Postscript.

Reviews & Loyalty

Cultivating long-lasting relationships with your customers is easier when you offer rewards that bring them back to your store. Similarly, showcasing reviews and user-generated content (UGC) plays a crucial role in earning the trust of potential customers.

With these integrations, send automations from Postscript that update customers of their loyalty points, request reviews, and create opportunities to send in pictures of your products in the real world.


Shipping notifications are the best kind of notifications to receive. Keep your customers up-to-date with fun, customized automations triggered by statutes in your shipping platform. You can even throw in tracking numbers and URLs.


Many brands find success with a "Subscribe & Save" offering. These integrations allow you to send targeted automations based on specific triggers, like upcoming charge, reply to skip, etc.

Your Shop

Multiple Shop Drop-Down

If you use Postscript for more than one shop, then you'll have access to a multi-store drop-down. This drop-down lets you easily move between your various stores.

You can jump stores using hotkeys:

  • Macs: type ⌘ + /
  • Windows: CTRL + /


Unsubscribe numbers, update your shortlink subdomain, and enable confirmation opt-in (also known as double opt-in) from your Settings page. You can also update the contact information of your shop's main point of contact.


Easily adjust your attribution windows and set your global UTM parameters, if desired.

Learn more about attribution windows and global UTM parameters here.


If you are on Postscript's legacy billing, view your current plan, credit usage, and rollover credits. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Learn more about Postscript credits and plans here.


View your billing history as well as your next bill date and amount.


API keys play a crucial role in setting up integrations with other solutions in your ecommerce tech stack as well as creating your own API calls, if necessary. Access your legacy API key on this page, or create additional Private API keys.

Contact Card

Contact cards are a great way to introduce your dedicated short code or dedicated toll-free phone number to your subscribers.

Learn more about contact cards here.


Exit out of the Postscript app until you wish to sign in again.

Bottom Menu


Inviting other shops to use Postscript is a great way to help them jumpstart their SMS marketing efforts. Postscript offers a $50 in-app credit for each shop that you successfully refer to Postscript. Once a shop has had Postscript installed for a full 7 days, we'll approve your $50 credit.

Learn more about our Refer and Earn program here.


Compliance is our top priority. Learn how we approach compliance at Postscript, including TCPA, CTIA, carrier compliance, and state-specific legislation. 

Learn more about compliance here.


Get quick access to Postscript's Terms of Service.

Help Center

Help is always a click away from your Postscript dashboard. Get quick access to in-depth articles, guides, troubleshooting tips, and videos no matter your level of SMS mastery.


At Postscript, we're always looking for ways to improve your day-to-day experience with our app. In fact, many of our best features are ones submitted to us by shops.

Learn more about how to submit ideas and feedback here.


We love sharing exciting new features, product changes, news, and resources with you. Whenever we've got an exciting announcement, we'll share it within the Postscript app. You'll know there's an update (or two) waiting for you by the notification badge beside the bell icon. Simply click on the bell to view the updates drop-down.

Get Support

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to our wonderful Support team at or via live chat. You can also submit a support request here!

Need ongoing channel strategy guidance? Please fill out this form and we'll connect you to one of our certified partners.


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