New Feature: Custom Click and View Attribution Windows

To give you more flexibility and control over your data, you can now set custom click and view attribution windows!

What is an attribution window?

An Attribution Window is the period of time after a campaign is sent in which a marketing channel (in this case, Postscript) can claim that a click or view led to a purchase. Until now, all merchants used our default 7-day click and 24-hour view windows for attribution. But this default setting wasn’t meeting the needs of all our customers.

How to adjust your Attribution Windows

  1. Go to your Account settings
  2. Go to the Tracking tab
  3. Set a custom value for click and/or view windows and hit save


PLEASE NOTE: Changing your attribution windows will affect all of your statistics from that point on in your Dashboard and Analytics tabs as well as for each Automation, Campaign, and Keyword. Analytics for the past will not be re-calculated or changed based on the new windows.

Our default 7-day click and 24-hour view windows will be applied to any store without a customized window.

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