Migrate Popups to Onsite Opt-in

Who gets this? Shops on all Postscript plans have access to this feature. Learn more about Postscript Plans.

Easily upgrade your current popup to leverage our new default opt-in method, Onsite Opt-in, to take advantage of all of our latest list growth features. 

All popups will be automatically upgraded starting March 11, 2024.

How This Feature Benefits You

  • Increase SMS opt-in rates on popups to increase list growth compliantly.
  • Keep shoppers on your site to maximize order conversion and maintain campaign attribution.
  • Increase conversions and make more money with SMS by significantly increasing your subscriber list.

How to Migrate Your Popup to Onsite Opt-in

Create Onsite Opt-in Copy Dropdown.png

  1. Select Acquisition on the left-side navigation panel, then select Popups.
  2. Locate the popup you wish to upgrade, then select the three-dot icon to the far right of the popup's row.
  3. Select the "Create Onsite Opt-in Copy" option in the dropdown. This will create an inactive clone using Onsite Opt-in.
    1. Update the custom CSS for the cloned popup, as needed, to resemble the original popup.
  4. Disable the original active popup and activate the new, Onsite Opt-in popup.
  5. Repeat steps one through four for all active non-Onsite Opt-in popups.


  • What is Onsite Opt-in?
    • Onsite Opt-in is our new, innovative acquisition functionality that keeps shoppers on your website during and after the popup opt-in flow on both mobile and desktop. 
  • Why should I upgrade to Onsite Opt-in?
    • Through extensive testing, we found consistently that brands using Onsite Opt-in have seen up to 3X more subscribers than their previous opt-in methods, 50% higher order conversion rates, and best of all - their customers get a seamless opt-in experience. 

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