Compliance Update: Connecticut Messaging

Effective October 1st, the state of Connecticut (CT) is imposing new compliance regulations (Public Act No. 23-98) in addition to nationwide, federal TCPA regulations and industry standards required by cellular carriers.

The penalty (per person receiving non-compliant messages) is up to $20,000 per violation. These legislation-level changes will affect all brands who have subscribers in Connecticut, regardless of what SMS platform they’re using.

What Are The Key Changes?

Shorter waking hours for Connecticut residents. Starting October 1st, 2023, Connecticut's waking hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM local time for both campaigns and automations. 

How We're Solving For Quiet Hours

In the case of Connecticut quiet hours, Postscript will screen subscribers and customers by area code to identify Connecticut residents and prevent messages from going to Connecticut numbers during Connecticut's quiet hours (8:00 PM to 8:00 AM local time) for campaigns, automations, and flows.

Campaigns and Campaign Flows Automations and Automation Flows

No action is needed for legacy campaigns or campaign flows.

To ensure compliance, Postscript will not send campaigns or campaign flows to Connecticut-based subscribers unless the campaign is scheduled to send during Connecticut's waking hours (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM local time).

If any messages within a campaign flow are sent or scheduled to send during Connecticut's quiet hours and the target segment includes Connecticut-based subscribers, Postscript will schedule those messages to send to Connecticut subscribers when Connecticut's waking hours resume at 8:00 AM local time.

If a legacy campaign is sent or scheduled to send during Connecticut's quiet hours and includes Connecticut-based subscribers in the target segment, Postscript will automatically remove those subscribers based on phone area code and they will not receive your campaign. Your shop will not be charged for these unsent messages.

Postscript: Your Partner in Compliance

At Postscript, we believe in a product-led approach to compliance. This means that compliance will be built into every part of Postscript so you don’t have to stress about all of the different requirements. We’ve added new updates to our platform to help keep users compliant with these new laws, and we are committed to consistently updating our platform to meet changing requirements in the future.

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