Set Up Your Daasity Integration

Who gets this? This integration is currently in beta for Postscript brands on the Enterprise plan.

Postscript integrates with Daasity, allowing you to see your Postscript data in your Daasity Notifications Dashboard. When you set up the Postscript x Daasity integration, you can:

  • Understand how customers are engaging with SMS campaigns.
  • Analyze the performance of your automation and campaign flows.
  • View the pattern of subscriber unsubscribes over time.
  • Understand how efficiently you are growing your SMS subscriber list.
  • Compare your SMS data alongside other key business metrics.

In this article, we'll discuss how to kick off the set up of your Daasity integration.

Set Up Your Daasity Integration

  1. Request setup initiation from your customer success manager. Please reach out to your Postscript customer success manager to initiate the setup process. Once you do, our team will contact Daasity to establish a data share.
  2. Optional: Request historical data load. If you need historical data to be loaded, please contact Once Daasity has secured all data from Postscript, they can kick off a history load.
  3. Daasity will complete the integration setup. Once the Postscript team sends all required assets to Daasity, they will set up your integration in the Daasity app. Daasity will notify you once the setup is complete.


  • What data does Postscript pass to Daasity?
    • Daasity uses Postscript's Attribution, Messages (Dimension), Messages (Fact), Platform Action Details, Platform Actions, Shops and Subscribers schemas.

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