Set Up Your Listrak Integration

Listrak is a marketing automation platform that allows brands to deliver seamless, personalized cross-channel interactions. Postscript integrates with Listrak allowing you to share information between the two solutions. With our Listrak integration, you can:

  • Collect emails with Postscript popups and send them to Listrak.
  • Collect custom properties with Postscript popups that forward to Listrak.

In order to integrate Postscript and Listrak, you'll need to create the appropriate API keys. In this article, we'll guide you through how to find and generate your Listrak API keys and where to add them in Postscript.

Create Listrak API Keys


  1. From your Listrak admin, select Integrations on the left-side navigation panel.
  2. Select Integration Management, then select the New Integrations.
  3. Find the Email API card, then select the Integrate button.
  4. Select the Setup button. Under Integration Settings, name the integration Postscript.
  5. At minimum, please allow access to Contact and List by checking the boxes next to each respective listing.
  6. Ensure Disable IP Address Whitelist is selected.
  7. Select Save in the upper right corner, then select Confirm in the popup modal.
  8. Next, under the Access Levels, you'll find your Client ID and Client Secret.
  9. Copy your Client ID to your clipboard or write it down. You'll need to enter it in Postscript later.
  10. On the same page, copy your Client Secret API key. You'll also enter this into Postscript.

Adding Listrak Credentials in Postscript


  1. Navigate to the Apps section of your Postscript account.
  2. Locate and select Listrak.
  3. In the Listrak API Client ID field, paste the Client ID from earlier in this article.
  4. In the Listrak API Client Secret field, paste the client secret from earlier in this article.
  5. Select Save Integration in the upper-right. Upon saving, your Listrak integration will also be activated.
  6. Your integration with Listrak is all set up.

What's Next

  • Now that your Listrak Integration is set up, you can forward emails collected with Postscript popups to your Listrak account. Learn more about forwarding emails here.
  • In addition to forwarding emails to your Listrak account, you can also forward custom properties collected with Postscript popups to Listrak. Here's how you can get started.

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