Add Dynamic Product Recommendations to Automation Flows

Who gets this? Shops on the Enterprise plan have access to this feature. To get started, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Learn more about Postscript Plans.

Convert the highest-intent buyers of a specific product or collection when you pair top product or top collection recommendation merge tags with our Expected Customer Reorder Date trigger. By adding product recommendations to your messages, you can:

  • Target customers with the highest intent of purchasing a specific product or from a specific collection.
  • Scale a personalized SMS strategy by sending a variety of recommended products and collections to subscribers based on their previous purchasing behavior.
  • Cut through the noise when you send the right message to the right person at the right time.

In this article, we'll walk you through how to set up an automation flow that employs both the Expected Customer Reorder Date trigger and the product recommendation merge tags.

 Note: both the Expected Customer Reorder Date trigger and recommendation merge tags are available to shops on the Enterprise plan.

Build a Personalized Recommendation Automation


  1. From the Postscript dashboard, select Messaging, then select Automations.
  2. Select Create Automation in the upper-right corner, then select Create Automation Flow.
  3. Choose Create a new automation, then select the Continue button.
  4. Select the dropdown below the Add a subscriber when field, then choose Expected Customer Reorder Date (note: this trigger is only available to brands on the Enterprise plan. If you are on the Enterprise plan and do not see this trigger, please contact your Customer Success Manager).
  5. Select the dropdown below Include a subscriber only if and set the parameters to read Number of Orders greater than or equal to 1.
  6. Select the + Add Filter button. Select the dropdown, then add Custom Field top_recommended_novel_product_title to refine your filter so it adds subscribers that have not yet purchased a particular product, but are most likely to. Alternatively, you can select Custom Field top_recommended_novel_collection to recommend a collection that the subscriber has not yet purchased from, but most likely to. Set the following parameters to Not equal to none.
  7. Save your automation properties by selecting the Save button in the lower-right corner of the property editor.
  8. When you add a Send Message action, you can select the overlapping tags icon in the bottom-right corner of the message editor to add merge tags. Available merge tags are:
    • top_recommended_collection_title
    • top_recommended_collection_link
    • top_recommended_novel_product_title
    • top_recommended_novel_product_link
  9. Once your flow is crafted, select Schedule or Activate in the top-right corner of the page. You have two options when sending a flow:
    • Activate immediately: This option will immediately begin the flow allowing subscribers to enter the automation based on the selected properties.
    • Activate at a scheduled time and date: Choose when you'd like the flow to begin allowing subscribers to enter.

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