Can we send MMS messages to international customers?


Due to current carrier restrictions, we currently cannot send MMS messages outside of United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. If you send a text with an image or GIF attached to an international number, the carrier will remove the image or GIF from the message and it will be sent as an SMS only.

At this time, carrier restrictions also limit Postscript's ability to send MMS messages to Canadian subscribers. The roadways MMS Canadian carriers employ are not built for A2P (application to person) mass MMS delivery. In fact, Canadian carriers only allow 15 MMS messages per minute, or 900 MMS messages every hour collectively system wide. 

This applies to all carriers and impacts all SMS marketing brands regardless of which platform you are using. To optimize the end-user experience and ensure that your messages are delivered to your subscribers quickly and effectively, Postscript delivers campaign, campaign flow, and API messages exclusively as SMS to Canada-based subscribers. Automations, automation flows, keyword replies, and popup messages can be sent as SMS or MMS. Direct 1:1 messages to customers (e.g. response to a customer question) also have MMS capabilities to enable these rich conversations. 

Learn more about Canadian Deliverability and Throughput.

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