Postscript Onboarding

We are so glad you want to check out these videos to help get up and running quickly. This video will show you how to complete onboarding and make sure your website is TCPA compliant to gather phone numbers.

Regular Shopify:

If you are a regular Shopify store please watch the following recording:

Shopify Plus:

If you are a Shopify Plus store, you can watch the same video but SKIP the step that has you update checkout, as you have a custom checkout.

Do you have custom checkouts?

For more information on custom checkouts or if you have ReCharge, CartHook, or Zipify OCU, please reference the Checkout tab (here) in the app to make sure you are integrated correctly and can follow these videos with the right copy and paste steps.

If you have any questions please let us know in the chat! We're here to help.

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