Set Up Your Shop Sheriff AMP Integration

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   Note: Postscript is only available on AMP's Enterprise tier. Upgrade to Enterprise from your AMP account page.

Postscript integrates with Shop Sheriff Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), allowing you to share information between the two solutions.

About Shop Sheriff AMP

Shop Sheriff provides the industry-leading mobile solution for brands that are serious about SEO and customer conversion. With Shop Sheriff, you get lightning-fast page load speeds and improved rankings in search engines. 

Why You Should Set Up Shop Sheriff AMP

  • Prioritize your pages and products in Google search.
  • Take advantage of a fully customizable AMP solution
  • AMP load times range between 80 and 99% on Page Speed Insights. 

Add Postscript in Shop Sheriff AMP

  1. Select Integrations in the side menu of your Shop Sheriff AMP dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to the SMS Marketing section and select Postscript.
  3. Add the Postscript app to your AMP account page.

Activate Postscript in Your Shop Sheriff AMP Theme

  1. Select Themes in the side menu of your Shop Sheriff AMP dashboard.
  2. Locate your Live AMP Theme and select the blue Customize button.
  3. On your theme page, select Theme Settings in the top-left corner of the page.
  4. Scroll down and select Postscript.

  1. Under Activation, select the Activate checkbox.
  2. Under Settings, set your Trigger timeout. This defines the number of seconds before your Postscript popup appears.
  3. Select Save in the top-right corner of the page.

You should now be all set to get started with Shop Sheriff AMP. AMP pages will display the same Postscript popup activated on your original (non-AMP) pages with no additional configuration necessary.

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