The Builder integration with Postscript allows you to grow your subscriber list and use your Shopify data to create targeted text message-based marketing campaigns. For instructions on how to utilize this integration, read below.


To add the Postscript template to your page:

  • In Builder, under the "Import from:" section, select Apps.

  • A popup will appear and you can select Postscript.


  • Drop the app template anywhere onto the page.

  • The app will require some information to properly display information. On the side panel, navigate to the Options tab where it will require you to add:

Postscript private key: You can find your private key here:


Postscript keyword: Keyword to associate sign ups on this form with. See


Postscript tags: any tags you wish to associate sign-ups with


Additional fields (optional): Additional fields that you'd like to capture in the form. Click here for information about what options the sub-fields accept.


After entering in the required data, you should see your symbol displaying your Postscript form. Using Builder, you can completely customize the look and feel of your Postscript form.


The Postscript app template can be added to any pop-up, page, or section across your Shopify storefront including checkout (if you’re a Shopify Plus merchant) to connect with your customers via SMS.

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