Use Links in Messages

When you type or paste your link into the message, please make sure that you include the full, original link in the message.  Here’s an example of an original link:


Postscript automatically shortens all of your links for free, using our own service.  Shortened links follow the format of  We shorten your links for a few reasons:


  • Short links save space in your message so that it’s easier to fit your whole message into 160 characters

  • Short links allow us to track clicks and purchases

  • Un-shortened (long) links can look like spam, and are less likely to be clicked

When you send a campaign or automation message, a different short link is generated for each recipient, so that you can see which customers clicked or made a purchase.


Please note that we do not allow you to use links that have already been shortened with a 3rd-party service (such as or  This is because the additional re-directs from the multiple short links look spammy to the customer and can interfere with our analytics.  If you have any additional questions about this, please contact us using the chat button on the bottom-right corner of any page.


You may want to include UTM parameters in your original link (long link) for tracking analytics with Google Analytics or another service.  If you aren’t comfortable adding the parameters yourself, Google provides a URL builder to make it easier:


Open Graph Tags

We strongly recommend that you include Open Graph tags on each page that you link to.  Here is a Shopify guide that explains the value of Open Graph tags and how you or your developers can set them up for your store:


The screenshots below show the difference in how the iPhone displays a link preview with and without Open Graph tags:


The positioning of your link inside the message is also important.  We recommend that you place the link at the very end of your message so that the link displays a preview on the recipient’s phone.  Recipients are more likely to click a link preview than a hypertext link.


Please reach out to us in chat if you have any questions at all!

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