Use Emojis in Messages

Add emojis to your message to increase engagement, if they are appropriate for your audience.

Click the emoji inside the message text box to display the emoji picker widget.  Scroll through the emojis or use the search bar to find the one you’re looking for.  You can change the skin tone selection in the bottom-right corner of the emoji picker widget to see different emoji skin tone variations.

The phone preview to the right of the message text box shows the emojis as they will appear on iPhones, but please note that emojis will display differently for Android and other platforms.  To see how an emoji will display on the different platforms, you can use

Please note that each emoji counts as 2-4 characters of your message, depending on the emoji.  For example, facial expression emojis are usually 2 characters, while flag emojis are usually 4 characters.  This is due to how emoji characters are represented in the Unicode standard. You can use the character counter underneath the message text box to see how many characters you are using at any time.

Also note that using emojis without attaching a media file can change the allowed character count. This article walks you through character counts and how it can affect your credit usage.

As always, please reach out to us in chat with any questions!

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