Transactional Messages Explained

Until now, all messages sent by Postscript needed to be sent to a regular Subscriber, meaning somebody who opted-in to text message marketing.

Going forward, certain Postscript stores can send order related, non-marketing texts to a new category of person: a transactional-only subscriber. These messages can be sent if a shop is using Aftership.

Similarities and Differences between Regular Subscribers and Transactional-only Subscribers:

  • These types of subscribers do not opt-in. A shop can send transactional messages to transactional-only subscribers without their explicit consent.

  • Regular subscribers can receive any message (campaigns or any type of automation). Transactional-only subscribers cannot receive campaigns, and can only receive automations that Postscript has explicitly approved as "transactional" (see below).

  • Automations can only be approved as "transactional" for certain triggers. Currently, only the AfterShip triggers can be used, but others may be added later. like a Shipping notification trigger. If a trigger is not approved, you will not see the transactional option on the Automation Properties page.

  • Transactional-only subscribers receive texts from 72716. This is because a number might have many more transactional subscriptions than regular ones, and we didn't want cross-talk to create issues with automations and keyword features related to marketing messages.

  • Both types of subscribers work with Responses and the similar integrations.



Automation Approval / Downgrading

Shops have to request that an automation be marked as transactional, so that marketing messages are not sent to people that have not opted in. Requests are made from the Automation Properties page when creating or updating an AfterShip automation.


Once the request is made and the automation has a message saved, the message will be forwarded to the Postscript team to approve. The Postscript team will quickly review the copy and approve non-marketing related messages.


Once the Postscript team approves, the automation will be marked as approved for transactional. Transactional-only subscribers will immediately begin receiving the messages, and new transactional-only subscribers will be automatically created as needed.


A shop can turn off the transactional setting, at which point delivery to transactional-only subscribers will cease, as will creation of new transactional-only subscribers. Delivery to regular subscribers will continue.


Transactional automations can only contain a single message and should be triggered to send without a long delay, like right after something is marked as being shipped or delivered.


Creation of Transactional-Only Subscribers

Transactional-only subscribers are created on an as-needed basis, whenever the following are all true:


  1. We have a phone number,

  2.  A trigger was triggered (like "order in transit")

  3. We were unable to find a regular subscriber to notify

  4. The automation is marked as approved for transactional messaging. If any of those are not true, we will not create the transactional-only subscriber.

Upgrading a Subscriber

If a transactional-only subscriber opts-in via a regular marketing process (e.g. keyword or checkout), they will be upgraded to a regular subscriber. Their short code will be changed to the pool we use for regular subscribers, as if they had signed up for the first time.


If you have any other questions related to transactional only subscribers or messages, please chat with us! We're here to help.

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