This article will walk through a basic popup in Sumo that can pass a phone number into your Postscript account as a subscriber.


Go to the Grow List section in Postscript and click the Create Link button.


Select your Keyword that will be triggered when subscribers sign up. 


The remaining steps will populate, and you'll Create Page for step #2.


After it's created, you can view the page just as your customers would!


You'll then want to Set your mobile opt-in message. Any mobile users who click the email campaign link will have an opt-in text message pre-populated on their phone. You can review/customize in step #3. (Desktop users will automatically be directed to the landing page.) 


Click Get Link and copy the URL from the dialog that pops up. If you lose it, you can always regenerate it later.


Now that you have your link, head into your Sumo App. 


Editing Your Sumo Form to Collect Phone Subscribers

1.) My Goal: Choose to Add a Call to Action within the Form section of Sumo. 


2.) Form Type: Choose the pop-up or form that you'd like to have show on your page.




3.) Design: Paste the URL you generated in the Grow List section of Postscript into the field. 


4.) Finish the remaining sections and finally, you'll want to redirect the user to your homepage or whatever page you'd like them to go to after they subscribe! 


Now you can begin collecting subscribers via your Sumo form! When someone enters their phone number, they will begin receiving the replies associated with that keyword you chose. 


You can test this by submitting the Sumo form on your website and filling out the information. At this point, you'll receive SMS confirmation on your phone!


If you have any questions please let us know in the chat. We're here to help!

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