MMS Image Sizes

Size matters when it comes to media types/sizes in MMS marketing. For maximum deliverability & user enjoyment, you'll want to ensure that your files are within the proper requirements.


MMS Specifications

GIF - If you are including a GIF in your text, you'll want to be sure that it's below 500kb. You can resize your GIF here


Square or portait dimensions work best with GIFs, so any of the following will work beautifully!


  • 480x480 or 640x640

  • 480x640 or 480x720

GIFs will also work best if the frame speed is kept above 1/4 second.


IMAGE - As with GIFs, the image is best kept below 500kb. 


JPG tends to work best, but PNG is sendable as well! 


9:16 aspect ratio is very important when you are using an image in your text. 


640x1138 is a great place to start for dimensions - just keep in mind that as it gets scaled down to the phone size, the aspect ratio is the most important. 


Keep essential information out of the top and bottom 130 pixels - as it won't show in the preview mode - the images show up in the thread. 


Pop-up Background Image Specifications

Because the pop-up will be seen across many different device sizes, you'll just want to stay within the specifications mentioned above. For the pop-up, only portait images work! 


Need a hand resizing your images or GIFs? Check out this article for the lowdown.


If you have any further questions, please don't hestitate to reach out to our team via chat!

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