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We understand the value of creating conversations with your customers. Because of this, we have three different ways to field those responses! Read on to learn which is the best way to facilitate that relationship. 


Responses Tab within Postscript

Postscript has created a Response tab to allow our Shops to easily communicate with their customer from right within the Postscript App. 


Once you click on the Responses Tab, you can view all of the texts that your customers have sent you. From the dropdown, you can filter them by


  • Unresolved

  • Resolved

  • All Responses

You'll see a list of all of the responses sent to you. Click on the Customer's name to open their message thread.


From this page, you can see all of the information necessary, including all of the messages the customer has received or sent to your shop. 


There will automatically be sample text within the text box, just delete and draft a message to your customer! What you are typing will be viewable on the right. 


Once you've drafted your response, just click SEND REPLY!


Forwarding Responses to an Email Address

You also have the option of Forwarding the responses to an email address. From that email, you'll receive inbound texts, and you can also send responses back from that email address!


To set it up, go back into the Responses Tab on Postscript - and choose Forward Response. 


Choose the email address that you'd like the texts to go to. Keep in mind that if you have an auto-responder set up, there could be some errors with receiving inbound texts. 


Enter the email address you'd like to forward responses to and click "Start Forwarding". 


Now all of the messages your customers send to your shop can be found within that email inbox!




Integrate Postscript with your Helpdesk

Postscript currently integrates with 2 Helpdesks! You can set your responses to flow to Gorgias or Zendesk for your customer service team to field easily. 


*If we have the email address associated with the user's phone number, the replies will show up from the customer's Shopify account. If we do not have their information - only a phone number, the replies will show up as "Postscript User #1234". Either way, the subject line of the ticket will show that this is a Postscript response - so they can easily be filtered and responded to accordingly! 


Those responses will also still be viewable within your Postscript Responses Tab.


Watch a helpful video on Responses here


Questions? Feel free to reach out to the team in Chat!

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