Manually Unsubscribe Numbers

Sometimes a customer wishes to remove themselves from your marketing list - and that's ok! This ensures that your list is the healthiest it can be - and the people you are sending to truly WANT to receive your messages!


Manually Unsubscribing

Sometimes a subscriber will send a lengthy text or one that contains words that are not on the automatic unsubscribe lists. That's why it's always a good idea to manage your Responses tab. If they ask to be unsubscribed, you'll need to do it manually. 


Method 1: You can manually unsubscribe a phone number directly from the Responses Tab.


Method 2: If you use the Search bar at the top of your Postscript app, type in the customer's phone number - without spaces or dashes. 


From the next screen, you can opt that customer out! 


Method 3: If you go into your account page (the gear icon at the top), you can enter the subscriber's phone number at the bottom of the page. Then - Unsubscribe


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