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One of the first and most important steps to SMS marketing is growing your list of subscribers to send texts to. Not only is it an important first step, but it's also crucial to continue to keep your list as healthy and fresh as possible. 

We'll outline some of the ways you can get more subscribers - and link you to articles explaining each step in depth. 


The pop-up feature is one of our most popular list building tools. This easy-to-create pop-up will show on your customer's mobile device or desktop, depending on what you enable. We typically see a high conversion rate, and the steps for the user to convert are very simple. 

Learn how to create a mobile pop-up here

Learn how to create a desktop pop-up here.

Create a Landing Page

By creating a landing page where the customer inputs their phone number to opt-in, you can share through social media, email, and more. This is a fantastic way to reach out to your current email subscriber list and invite them to join your VIP Text Club! This link is shareable - which opens many options for your brand.

When a user accesses this page from desktop, they will be taken to a landing page where they enter their phone number. If a user is on their phone, it will pull up their text app and automatically prefill their text - all they have to do is press send!

Find out how to create a landing page in a few simple steps here

Collect Subscribers at Checkout

It is incredibly important to remain 100% compliant per TCPA regulations when collecting subscribers for SMS marketing. In your checkout, you'll want to ensure that the correct language is present! 

We see some fantastic conversions at checkout when the customer is filling out their information when placing an order. (Please note: Subscriber collection is not available on non-plus Shopify checkout or OCU per CTIA regulations)

Shopify+ Checkout
ReCharge Checkout


Postscript integrates with several other apps that create custom subscriber forms. Through this integration, you can add a phone field - and when entered, those numbers are sent straight to your account in the Postscript app!



Lastly, you can now create a QRCode that allows your customer base to easily snap a photo and immediately opt-in! A super modern & efficient way to grow your subscriber list. These QRCodes can be added to receipts, shipments, websites, emails, and more!

Learn how to create and use QRCodes here

Please reach out to if you have any additional questions. 

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