Downgrade Your Plan

At Postscript, you can upgrade/downgrade your plan at your leisure - but there are some important things to note when doing so!


You will not be able to downgrade if you've already used more than the amount of credits you're downgrading to. 


For example: If your shop is on the 38,000 credit plan and you've used most of them - 


your shop wouldn't be able to downgrade to the next plan down (29,500 credits) because you've already used more than 29,500 credits. 


In this case, you'll want to wait until your cycle is restarting. You can visit your Account Page & view how long you have until your cycle resets. (This could be days or hours!)


At that time, you can downgrade to whatever plan you'd like!


Please let us know if chat if you have any additional questions!

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