Use Shopify Coupons in Messages

Postscript coupons are easy to use - and allow the discount to be applied with only one click. But we realize there are times that exclusions may apply - from products to an expiration date. So we've created a function that allows our shops to use their Shopify-created coupons within Postscript. 


How to Use Shopify Coupons within Postscript

When you're editing the message, you'll simply want to click the "More" Dropdown & choose "Discount Link". 


In the Discount Code (auto-applies) field, you'll want to insert the CODE that you created within Shopify. 


In the URL field, you'll put a link to either the specific product that the code is referring to, or your website URL if the coupon applies to many items in your inventory. 


Boom! You've added a Shopify coupon with your Postscript text. But why would someone want to use Shopify coupons if they could use Postscript coupons? Well, we have those answers. 


Functionality of using Shopify Coupons within Postscript

1.) Shopify coupons can be more specific. You can designate an expiration date, create coupons for specific items only, or exclude specific products from the sale.

2.) Shopify coupons can be used in Campaign sends. Since Postscript coupons generate a unique code for each person who receives that text, they are not available to be used in campaigns. Cue Shopify coupon.

3.) The clicks are still counted within your Postscript dashboard. 


4.) The coupon will auto-apply to your customer's cart upon clicking the link in the text. No more remembering the code to use it at checkout - the process is streamlined & simple!


It's always nice to know you have options - so using Shopify coupons within Postscript is just another one for your shop to use for your marketing efforts. 


Let us know in chat if you have any questions or concerns! We're always here to help. 

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