Your Postscript Dashboard

1.) Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you'll see a quick glance of your Postscript success. By default, the timeframe is set to the past 30-days. (You can change the date view by choosing a time frame in the top right corner) 


On the dashboard, you can also see how many new subscribers you've gained, how many responses you've received, and the total your shop has earned in the specified time frame. 


You can also view your top automations & campaigns - plus the analytics related to those texts. Please keep in mind that this data is reported in UTC time! And the "Today" Tab refers to the past 24 hours.


If you scroll down, you can view how many subscribers you've gained within the designated time frame and where they were collected from! 


2.) Campaigns

This tab will open the Campaigns view and allow you to create new campaigns or view past campaigns. 


Learn more about campaigns here.


3.) Segments

The Segments tab is where you can build and edit segments to use for your campaign sends. 


Read how to create segments here.


4.) Automations

This tab will bring you to your automations page. You can create Abandoned Cart, Customer Winback, Loyalty Offers, and more. 


Learn more about building automations here


5.) Keywords

The Keywords tab will show you a list of all of the keywords that you've created - and where you can create more keywords. On this page, you can also view the shortcodes that you can use to test your keywords. 


Learn more about keywords here


6.) Responses

Here you can view all of the replies that your customers have sent back to your shop. You can respond to them from this tab - or even forward the replies to a specific email. 


Find out more about how to respond to your subscribers here


7.) Pop-up

To create, edit, and view your pop-up, just click on the Pop-up tab to the left of the page. The pop-up is a fantastic way to grow your subscriber list! 


Learn more about pop-ups and how to set them up here


8.) Checkout

To set up your checkout page to collect subscribers, attribute orders, and trigger valuable automations, you'll want to visit the Checkout tab. 


Learn how to set up your Shopify checkout, Shopify Plus Checkout, ReCharge Checkout, OneClickUpsell Checkout, Custom Checkout and Carthook checkout.


9.) Grow List

On the Grow list tab, you will see several different ways to grow your subscriber list. This is a great place to get started using shareable links, QRCodes, and more! 


Learn more about growing your list here


10.) Integrations

Here you can see all of the available integrations that Postscript offers. If you click on the integration you're interested in, you can see what you'll need to do to begin the integration! 


Learn more about available integrations with Postscript here


11.) Analytics

On the Analytics tab, you can view some of the important insights associated with your shop. You can view this data by changing the dates seen at the top of the page. You can also use the drop down on the right hand side to change your views from Attributed Revenue, Sent Messages, or Subscribers. 


If you would like to see information associated with a subscriber, you can input their number in the search bar and pull up their information (if we are able to connect it with their Shopify information). You can also view exactly what texts have been sent to that subscriber, what keyword they subscribed to, and more! 


Read more about the subscriber search feature here


13.) Subscriber Count

This number shows how many subscribers that you currently have for your shop and where they came from. 


14.) Credit Information

By hovering over the Credit Meter, you can view exactly how many credits you've used, how many rollover you have, and how many credits it costs per send. 


Learn more about credits here


15.) Your Account Page

If you click on the Account Gear, you can view many details associated with your Postscript Account. You can view/change the tier that you're on, view your usage and how many days/hours you have left in your current cycle, and access your API key. 


You are also able to export downloads of your Subscriber list, Unsubscribe list, and your Revenue export. 


16.) Shop Dropdown

If you click on the name of your shop, you can access your Account information, Resources, Terms of Service, and Logout options. You are also able to view your Billing information if you are a part of the Stripe Program. 


If you have any further questions, feel free to hit that Chat icon on the bottom right of the screen! 

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