Access Deleted Keywords

Maybe you're getting close to reaching 20 keywords and you'd like to delete some of them that you no longer use. We realize you may not want to lose those analytics. Fear not! 


Deleted Keywords can still be viewed! And if you've created a segment of those keyword subscribers before it was deleted, you can continue to use that segment. 


To view your deleted Keywords, go into the Keywords tab on the left of the page:


Click on the Show dropdown menu on the right side of the page & choose Deleted.


Here you can view all of the keywords that you've deleted and the analytics associated with them. 


If you decide you'd like to use that keyword again, you'll need to go back to your Keyword page and "Create Keyword". Keep in mind that if another shop has started using this keyword, it will no longer be available. 


Let us know in chat if you have any questions regarding your deleted keywords! 

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