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You asked for better analytics - and we heard you loud and clear! We've rolled out the first part of our Analytics revamp. So let's dig in. 


To the left of your screen, click on the Analytics Tab

There is now a large amount of information that your shop can use to track, plan, and share. 

The Sparklines can be used to see trends & compare performance over time. 


The Table provides detailed statistics on messages that are sent - and includes revenue, clicks, credits used, and much more. 

You can sort the table to drill down on different categories and identify top campaigns/automations. You can sort them alphabetically if that's easier. 

You can view performance of different automation messages by expanding them in the dropdown.

If you want to view stats for specific time periods or dates at the top right of the page - or choose Custom Range to select a targetted period. 

If you'd like to run your own analysis or export this data to a spreadsheet, click on the Export Data link that will export all the data that you've selected. 

Data is continually updated every 15-minutes! 


*Please note that the REVENUE displayed on the Analytics tab will slightly differ from the analytics seen on the Dashboard. This is because the Dashboard reflects COUPON revenue while the Analytics page does not currently.


Stay tuned - there are several more rollouts for Analytics coming to you soon!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us in chat! 

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