Cost Per Credit Breakdown

Many shops want to have a clear vision of how much they're spending with each send from Postscript. Let's discuss how to determine Cost Per Credit (CPC) - plus the cost for SMS and MMS sends!

Depending on the tier that you're currently on, you'll have a set Cost Per Credit. Since SMS, MMS, and International sends all use different credits, let's break it down to better understand the cost related to each. 

To calculate the CPC if you are on a plan that is different from the ones mentioned above, divide the cost of your plan by how many credits you have. [$25 / 2,500 credits = $0.01)]

Your cost per credit is also the cost to send one SMS text domestically (since SMS cost 1 credit to send). 


To calculate the cost of a MMS, you'll multiply the CPC by 3 (since MMS cost 3 cents per send). [$0.01 x 3 = $0.03 per send]


If you are sending/have sent a campaign that you would like to calculate the exact cost of, simply take the amount of credits used in that send & multiply by your current CPC. 


For example, if you are on the $500 tier & you send a SMS campaign to 10,000 customers, you used 10,000 credits. Your current CPC is $0.01. [10,000 x $0.01 = $100] The campaign you just sent cost $100 - and now you can see the return on your investment with ease!


If you have any questions, please reach out to us in chat! 

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