International Sending FAQ

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We get a lot of questions about international SMS marketing, so we've compiled those questions and answers here to help you decide your next steps and what you can expect.

How does compliance work with international customers?

At Postscript, we adhere to the TCPA regulations no matter which country you're sending your texts to. TCPA guidelines effectively cover all countries' guidelines, ensuring that your shop assumes the least amount of risk possible. You can learn more about TCPA compliance here.

Can we send MMS messages to international customers?

Due to current carrier restrictions, we cannot send MMS text messages outside of US and Canada at this time. If you send a text with an image or GIF attached to an international number, the carrier will remove the image or GIF from the message.

Can we still try messaging international customers?

Postscript is optimized to send to the US and Canada subscribers at this time. If you have UK and Australia subscribers, we would recommend you reach out to the Postscript team directly for more information on reaching these markets. 

If you'd like to test our app for any other countries, you absolutely can. However, we cannot guarantee deliverability due to the many carriers and the restrictions that they have in place.

What do we do if our international customers aren't getting our messages?

We are always happy to troubleshoot deliverability issues, but please keep in mind that with different carriers across many countries, there will be some deliverability issues we cannot troubleshoot or fix.

Can we use Postscript with an international texting app, like WhatsApp?

Our platform only works through the native texting app on a subscriber's phone. We are not compatible with WhatsApp and similar international texting platforms at this time. 

Do we need to collect country codes for our international customers?

When collecting international phone numbers, you must also collect their country code. If you are using our shareable link, you'll want to let them know to include their country code.

Alternatively, you can use a 3rd party app that we integrate with, such as Privy or Justuno, who have country code drop-down options available on their forms.

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