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While there is no shortage of fun, useful GIFs at your disposal, sometimes brands prefer to use GIFs that are custom to their products/voice. One great example would be showcasing a set of new products that you're releasing.


When one image just won't cut it, create a GIF!


For this example, we're using There are many additional edits you can make on top of what we'll show you, but we will explain the basics of creating a GIF. We'll leave the creativity to you!


Navigate to & choose the GIF Maker option at the top of the page.


Use the upload tool to upload multiple images from your computer then click Upload and make a GIF!


You can absolutely get creative here! Just like with anything else, we recommend testing! Try different speeds or effects. If you only uploaded a few images, you could extend the delay time or add more frames.


We do recommend resizing/cropping the images to match the smallest one if the program offers that as an option.


Once you are satisfied with the changes, click Make a GIF! and view your new animated GIF by scrolling down.

If your file is too big, you can optimize it to compress the GIF for text sends. This article has more information on resizing a GIF. Remember, your GIF needs to be right around 500kb to be best optimized for SMS sends.


Depending on your need, you can add effects, change the speed, include text, or add an overlay to your GIF.


Once you're satisfied with your GIF, click SAVE & upload this file to use in your Postscript texts!


Please reach out to us in chat if you have any additional questions!

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