The Junip+Postscript integration allows you to manage the entire review solicitation process from Postscript.


In this article, we'll walk you through setting up the integration, as well as setting up your Junip flows within Postscript.


Integrating Postscript+Junip

Navigate to your Postscript account, click on your name in the top-right corner, and choose API.

Then click on Create Security Key Pair


Click the hyperlinked Show text.


Then copy that Private API key to your clipboard to add to Junip's admin later.


Now navigate to Junip's Integrations tab & choose Postscript.

Install the Integration.

Enter the Private API key you just created within Postscript & click Install.




Postscript+Junip Flows & Functionality

Once you've added your Postscript API key, Junip will begin sending three events into Postscript:


1.) Junip - Order Fulfilled

This is used to fully manage the post-purchase review request flow within Postscript, no longer sending any review requests from Junip. See below for flow setup


2.) Junip - Ordered Targeted by Campaign

This event is triggered by our Campaign builder. When you create a campaign audience within Junip, you can send it to Postscript as an event instead of sending the review request email from Junip.


3.) Junip - Review Created

Review created sends an event to Postscript when someone leaves a review (along with the data from that review). You can use it to kick off flows like refer-a-friend, or segments like "happy customers" & "detractors".


Make the switch from sending review requests through Junip to Postscript - If you're already sending requests through Junip & switching to send through Postscript, you may want to be careful to not double send. The best way to make sure you avoid this is to turn off your emails in Junip when you turn on the Postscript flow, then make up the missed customers with a campaign.


How to create Automation Flow requesting Reviews

  • Automation Trigger: "Junip: Order Fulfilled"

  • Cancellation Trigger: "Junip: Review Created"

  • Click Save & Continue to Message

  • Select the Delay. This will trigger when the "Order is Fulfilled through Junip" - so how long after that trigger do you want the text to send?

  • Add a message asking for a review with the {order_review_url} tag

  • View the message preview in the right preview-window.

Enable the automation!


You are now able to request product reviews from your Postscript Subscribers!


Postscript - Template variables


  • Junip: Order Fulfilled

  • Junip: Order Targeted By Campaign

  • Junip: Review Created

Order Event Variables

  • first_name - the first name of the customer that placed the order

  • last_name - the last name of the customer that placed the order

  • order_line_item_1_name - the name of the line item

  • order_line_item_1_review_url - the authorized URL that allows a customer to leave a review on this product before the other products in this order

  • order_review_url - the authorized URL that the customer can use to leave a review on products from the order

Note that an event can contain up to 2 line items. For example, you can access the name of the 2nd line item using the `order_line_item_2_name` variable.

Review Event Variables

  • first_name - the first name of the customer that wrote the review

  • last_name - the last name of the customer that wrote the review

  • review_body - the main content of the review

  • review_rating - the rating out of 5

  • review_state - the state of the review (pending, approved, or rejected)

  • review_title - the title of the review

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Please let us know if you have any additional questions by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner!

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