Set Up Your Back in Stock Integration

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Postscript integrates with Back in Stock, allowing you to share information between the two solutions. You can enable and manage your Back in Stock and Postscript integration through the Back in Stock app page in your Shopify store.

About Back in Stock

Back in Stock is a seamless way to notify interested customers when their favorite items are back in your shop. With Back in Stock, you can recover lost sales and bring business back to your store.

Why You Should Set Up Back in Stock

  • Let customers subscribe to and receive restock alerts for specific variant combinations like size, color, or style. 
  • Capture purchase intent, personalize in-stock notifications, and increase conversions.
  • Target customers with future sales campaigns and promote products they’re more likely to buy based on their back in stock interest.

Create a Postscript API Key

  1. Select your Shop Name in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select API.
  2. Select Create Security Key Pair on the right side of the page, then confirm your action by selecting Yes.
  3. Select Show in the Private Key column to reveal your API key. Copy this key or write it down—you'll need to enter it in Back in Stock later.

Configure Postscript in Back in Stock

  1. Select Integrations in the side menu of your Back in Stock dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Premium Integration tab, then select Postscript.
  3. Paste the Private API Key you created in Postscript into the corresponding field.
  4. Select a keyword from the Keyword drop-down. You can create a new keyword for Back in Stock if desired.
  5. Select Save to save your integration.

You should now be all set to get started with Back in Stock!

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