Communicating Phone Number Changes to Your Subscribers

If your brand is transitioning to a new number, it's important tell your subscribers that they can expect to hear from you on a different number. By communicating this change to your subscribers, you can:

  • Reduce the number of opt outs you could experience during the transition.
  • Adhere to CTIA regulations that require specific messaging for the last message on a brand's old number and the first message on their new number.
  • Be sure to provide your subscribers with a great customer experience.

For both the last and first message, you'll need to send a campaign to your entire subscriber list that includes the requirements outlined below. We also provide example messages you can use. 

Last Message from Your Old Number

We recommend you send the last message from your old number 1 week before transitioning to your new number. This message needs to include:

  • Your shop name
  • The number for your new messaging program
  • Opt-out information (i.e. reply STOP to Stop)
  • Other important details regarding transition, such as customer care contact information

Here's a sample message:

{shop_name}: We’re getting a new number! [insert number here, if possible]. [insert potential marketing message]. As a reminder, reply STOP to stop, HELP for help. Msg & data rates may apply. Msgs are recurring.

First Message from Your New Number

The first message from your new number needs to include:

  • Your shop name
  • Opt-out information (i.e. reply STOP to stop)
  • Customer care contact information (i.e. reply HELP for help)
  • Message frequency disclosure
  • "Message and data rates may apply" disclosure

Here's a sample message:

{shop_name}: We have a new number! [insert your marketing message]. As a reminder, reply STOP to stop, HELP for help. Msg & data rates may apply. Msgs are recurring.

Before You Go

Below is some key information about notifying your subscribers of your numnber change:

  • When sending your new number campaign from a designated short code, target only US subscribers with a customer segment. If you include Canadian subscribers in the campaign, the message will send from your toll-free number.
  • We also recommend that you use SMS messages for both your first and your last communications (i.e., no emojis, GIFs, or contact cards). At this time, Postscript does not support sending MMS outside of the United States.

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