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Campaigns are one-offs sends to a segment of (or your entire) subscriber base. As opposed to automations which are multi-event and are triggered by an action (ex: someone abandoning their cart), campaigns are a the way to let your subscribers know about something all at once. That something can be new products, sales/promotions, a deal-of-the-day, etc.


If you know you want this campaign to go to a specific segment of your audience, before advancing be sure to create that segment.


Let’s walk through creating sending a campaign for a fictional bike company called Bike Attack that’s running a back to school sale.


  • Click “Campaigns” on the left side of your screen

  • Choose the "Create Campaign" button on the top right of your screen

  • Now name your campaign. We recommend using a simple name that will allow you to remember and track campaigns moving forward.

  • Next, select your campaign segment. If you still need to create the segment, click Segments on the left. Learn more about segments here. In this case, we’ll send the campaign to All US/CANADA Customers and Subscribers. Once selected, the member number next to the dropdown will tell you how many customers would receive the message.

  • Safe Send – yes or no? Our Safe Send feature prevents campaign messages from sending to any customers who have already received a text from you in the last 16 hours. You can enable Safe Sends from the campaign creation screen:

Now it’s time to create the actual message. As you do, the phone on the right will display a live preview of the message. There are 5 different types of content you can use in a message:


  • Text – The core of the message, what are you communicating to your customers?

  • More Dropdown – This is where you can find tags for a text. These are dynamic fields. If you want to include things that will differ by recipient like first or last name, you can select and insert tags from the “Insert Tag” dropdown. You can also add Product Links & Discount Links if you want to include a Shopify coupon in your text.

  • URLs – Where do you want drive the customers? You simply drop the URL/destination/landing page into the end of the message, and it will populate in the preview and be delivered as the 2nd piece of the message to users.

  • Emojis – No context needed.

  • Media (GIFs/Images) – Click the “Add Media” button to upload images or GIFs, which will show in the preview screen on the right. (Looking for GIFs? We recommend the website Giphy. Just remember that they must be under 500kb to send in a text!)

Here’s a short tutorial of us creating the message for Shannon's Shake Shack. We used text, a first name tag, a GIF, and URL.



Now let’s add a few emojis for good measure:


  • If you'd like to add a Shopify coupon to your campaign, you can follow these steps! Postscript coupons cannot be used.

  • Below the text box, there’s a checkbox for adding “Reply STOP to unsubscribe.” Checking this box will automatically add that language to the end of the text. No matter whether or not this box is checked, any user who replies “STOP” will be unsubscribed from future marketing.

  • This preview screen will recap all the settings for this campaign. It will also tell you how many Credits it will take to send this campaign. You can then “Send Me A Test” to text yourself the message for final proofing, which we recommend.

  • To do so, click “Send Me A Test” and input your personal information (and actual phone number) so the Tag populates properly.

  • Once you’ve done a test send and many any necessary tweaks, you have two options. First, you can schedule the campaign to send later, which you do by clicking “Schedule Campaign”

  • This will lead to a pop up form for you to select the date and time you want the campaign to send. The time zone will reflect as the time zone you're currently in. Once selected, click “Save Schedule”

  • Then select, “Save Schedule Campaign” back on the main preview screen. This will queue up your campaign to be sent at the preselected time.

  • Your other option instead of scheduling the campaign is to send it immediately, which you do by selecting “Send Campaign Now.” (go to campaigns)

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