Opt-out Language Compliance

Under the TCPA, you must ensure that you remove customers from your text messaging marketing campaign if they make a “reasonable” request asking to be removed. This is commonly referred to as the “opt-out” process.


Postscript provides functionality so that your SMS subscribers are able to opt out of SMS marketing messages at any time by replying “STOP” to any message you have sent. Instructions on how to opt out (“Reply STOP to unsubscribe”) are included in each subscriber's confirmation message.


Our Visual Message Builder makes it easy to add this language when you are creating a message. If you are sending regular campaign messages, you should include this opt-out language at least once per month.


We will automatically process and confirm all opt-out requests that you receive through your Postscript phone number(s).  Please note that customers who have opted out have the ability to opt back in by replying “START” at any time. This information is provided in the opt-out confirmation that we send when a customer opts out of SMS marketing messages.

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