Use Postscript Coupons in Messages

Introduction to Coupons

Coupons are super valuable in Postscript because they allow you to create unique, one time offers that can be sent to your customers automatically. You can send a coupon for free shipping, a percentage off the order, a dollar amount off the order, or a coupon that can only be applied to a specific collection of products.


This article demonstrates how coupons work with Automations and Keyword replies, what is the best way to use coupons, and our Coupon FAQ that includes what you can do to include specialty coupons or coupons in Campaigns.


How do Coupons work?

When you are using a Postscript-generated coupon, you'll want to click the More Dropdown menu at the top of the text you're editing.


  1. Click Add "Coupon"

  2. Choose the coupon type

  3. Enter the value of the coupon

  4. "Insert Coupon"

If you want your discount to only apply to a specific collection, you can use the "Collection" option. For Collection Coupons, the only change you will click the "Collection" button on the right and then add your collection ID from your Shopify Admin. 


It's important here to include the collection ID, not the name!


In your text preview, you will see brackets around the type of coupon and in the preview on the right you'll see what it will look like for your subscriber:


The way it works is the Postscript App is tied to to your Shopify Admin and create the coupon as a unique, one-time coupon in real time that is sent to the recipient.




What is the best way to use coupons?



  • Put coupons on their own line in the text with spaces above and below.

This is especially important when you're sending out a coupon that is not auto-generated and auto-applied and instead you're expecting people to remember and type it in or copy and paste.




  • Stores that gradually increase the offer in the coupon every 2 messages see more redeemed.

  • Low dollar amounts are more effective than low percentage amounts, but the opposite is true once the number becomes 20 or more for stores with high price points.

  • For shipping and delivery notifications as well as post-sale pairing automations, free shipping is a very common strategy to turn a customer into a repeat buyer (for stores that don't already offer free shipping as a default of course).



Some brands coupon heavily while others never do.

If you are concerned about your audience becoming coupon-numb or dependent, we see many brands only offer coupons to convert first time visitors (pop up and welcome series) and then in post sale loyalty automations after someone has purchased 3 or more times. These stores use campaigns for exclusive product announcements like a new collection or something back in stock.


PS:  Remember SMS is a very immediate channel that you can use to build urgency because over 90% of texts are read within 10 minutes. If you aren't going to use coupons, you need that much better of a reason for subscribers to act!




Frequently Asked Questions for Coupons



1. Is my subscriber's coupon automatically applied to their checkout?

Yes! When you use automations and keyword replies and include one of these coupons and a link, the coupon will automatically be applied at checkout for those who click it.


Bear in mind that if you have a checkout that takes you off of Shopify, the behavior may be different.

OCU - The coupons must be typed in. They will not auto-apply

ReCharge - Our coupons will not work on ReCharge checkouts. Coupons must be created within ReCharge to use within your text.


2. What happens if my subscriber already has a coupon applied?


The coupon in the last clicked text will be the coupon that is applied. The coupon will replace any existing coupon instead of adding it in addition.


3. Can I use this feature in campaigns?
4. Can I create coupons that expire?
5. Can I create coupons that only work above a certain order value?


Currently, Postscript coupons cannot be used for the above purposes. Stores typically use campaigns for holidays and promotions that they want everyone using the same coupon. We also find that stores that include language about the coupon expiring in X hours get the same response as if the coupon truly did have an expiration. 


You CAN add coupons that will work for numbers 3, 4, and 5 though! Discount Links, which are available in the More dropdown menu, will allow your o add in a coupon from your Shopify admin. These coupons will automatically apply to checkout much like Postscript coupons! Learn how to use Shopify coupons in your Discount Links here.


If you have additional questions regarding coupons in Postscript, you can always find us in the chat at the bottom right!

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