Grow List with Keywords

Grow Your Customer List with Keywords

Growing your subscriber list is the most important aspect of being successful with SMS Campaigns.

Let's face it: 


  • Send a campaign to 11 people? probably not going to do much

  • Send a campaign to 11,000 people? oh yea, now we're talking

You only get out what you put in, and in this case, you put in your subscriber list.  So how can you grow your list? Introducing, KEYWORDS.


How Keywords Work

  • You create a keyword (i.e. FLOWER20) and assign it a coupon code (i.e. 20% off)

  • You share this keyword to your customers 

  • Your customers text FLOWER20 to a designated number (most commonly 29071)

  • That customer is added to your subscriber list and gets sent the coupon code.

Keywords can grow your subscriber list with great success.


Sidenote: Keywords are Totally Compliant

If you've read anything about this company you should know that we're HUGE on compliance. We've built our platform to CYA (so you don't ever need to worry). 😊


The feds are particularly strict on growing your subscriber list. You need explicit consent from every number in your list. When customers text your keyword, they are giving you explicit consent to text them (they're literally opting in). 




Keywords Walkthrough

Note: This may seem like a lot of steps, but it should take less than 15 minutes to get set up. (outside of configuring the pop-up)


Here's the plan...

  • Creating a Keyword: Setup a Keyword and enable a coupon code (i.e. 10% off).

  • Sharing Keywords: Enable the popup on your website so mobile customers can subscribe in two taps. Share your keyword in some creative ways.

  • What happens next...: Your customer texts your keyword to a designated number and joins your subscriber list. They receive a text back with a link to your store and coupon code



Step-By-Step Guide

Creating a Keyword 

Note: Trial stores can only use the two generic keywords provided. 


  1. Click "Keywords" on the left of the Postscript Dashboard

  2. Click "Create Keyword" on the top right

  3. Click the "Keyword Name" box and name your keyword 

Sidenote: I recommend the "word + discount" naming format (i.e.): 


  • FLOWER20 -- A flower store with a 20% off coupon code

  • LABORDAY15 -- A store running a Labor Day Sale with a 15% off coupon code 

  • BIKINI15 -- A women's swimwear store with a 15% off coupon code

4. If including a coupon (highly recommended), change the "Choose One" box to Yes
5. Enter the percentage you want the coupon to discount. (We recommend 10-20%)
6. Click "Save Keyword" on the bottom right


Congrats. You've saved your keyword. By default, Postscript will autogenerate a reply to whenever your keyword is texted. 


OPTIONAL: You can edit this response and/or add GIFs/images by clicking the purple "Reply" box. You can also add a SECOND response by clicking the "Add Action Box"


congrats again, now you're ready to share your keyword.




Sharing Keywords


There are countless methods to share your keywords. Below we will discuss a few.


METHOD 1) Enabling the Popup (a must for every store)


The most effective way to share your keywords are via the popup. This lets mobile visitors subscribe in two taps! The video at the top of the article shows the pop-up flow. 


  1. Click "Popup" on the left of the Postscript Dashboard

  2. If Disabled, click on the circle to the right of "Disabled". It should now say Enabled

  3. Click the "Edit" box on the top right

  4. Below Keyword, click the box and select the Keyword you just created

  5. Below Logo Image, click the "Choose File" box and upload your logo

OPTIONAL: Configure the rest of the pop-up settings to your liking


6. Click "Save" on the top right.


congrats. the popup is now fully setup.


METHOD 2) Post your Keyword on your Website


  1. Go on Shopify and edit your website to display the keyword:



METHOD 3) Post your Keyword on Social Media




METHOD 4) Think of Something Creative


There are countless methods to share your keyword. You could: 


  • Write it on your packaging

  • Write it on your receipts

  • Put it in your email signature

  • Put it in your Facebook/Instagram Ads

  • etc.

Be creative! And if you have a great idea to share your keyword, let us know at




What Happens Next... 


Once your customers text your keyword to 29071 (US) or 1-720-605-1331 (Non-US), they will be opted into your subscriber list and will be eligible to receive your future campaigns. 


They will then be sent a link to your website with the coupon code you just created. 


Keywords are a super powerful tool to grow your subscriber list and almost all of our top stores use them effectively. 


If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us using the chat box on the bottom right.

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