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With Postscript it is now possible for customers to engage in some shopping activities via text that previously required a web browser. Specifically, you can edit your automation messages to allow the customer to reply with specific words in order to invoke specific commands.


If you have ReCharge and you are interested in these conversational features, be sure to review this ReCharge integration article first. After you have integrated your ReCharge account with Postscript, please chat with Postscript support to enable Reply to Buy/Reply to Skip.


The functionalities supported currently are:




  • Allows the user to reply SKIP to skip an upcoming ReCharge subscription charge.

  • This option is only available if your automation is triggered on ReCharge: Upcoming Charge (3 days)

  • The charges that will be skipped if this reply is received are the charges that triggered the automation in the first place (because they were upcoming in 3 days).

  • Usually, messages will contain all charges for a particular date. Therefore, a SKIP reply will skip all subscriptions/charges for that date.

  • To tell the user the names of the products in the charge, use the Upcoming Charge Product Titles ({charge_product_titles}) merge tag in the message where Reply to Skip is enabled.

  • When we receive this response, we will attempt to skip the charge through ReCharge's API, and will reply to the user with a success or failure message.



Reply-to-Buy (YES response)

IMPORTANT: For any products used in reply-to-buy, you must created a RULESET in ReCharge that allows for those products to be one-time purchased.


  • Purchases a specific Shopify product/variant at a specific price and quantity, as soon as the YES reply is received.

  • Currently, this functionality is only enabled for select stores. Again, if you would like to use this functionality, please contact Postscript Support :)

  • When you use this functionality, you must specify the Shopify product/variant, quantity, and price-per-unit as a part of composing the text message. The customer cannot change these settings.

  • The required {reply_to_buy} merge tag will give the customer instructions on how to reply, as well as details about the deal.

  • This functionality can be applied to any message in any automation, regardless of trigger.

  • Different messages in a single automation can contain different reply-to-buy deals.

  • The deal will remain active (available to purchase with YES replies) until any of the following occurs:

  1. The automation is disabled

  2. You change or remove the reply-to-buy deal in your automation messages

  3. Postscript sends a new automation or campaign message to the customer. If the new automation message contains a different reply-to-buy deal, that deal will now be active.

  • When Postscript receives a YES response, we will attempt to make the purchase through the ReCharge API and return a success or failure text to the user.


Reply-to-Buy (ADDRESS response)


  • Replies to the user with the address that will be used if they purchase the reply-to-buy deal (i.e. if they reply YES).

  • Postscript always uses the most recent address associated with the user according to ReCharge.

  • A customer can reply YES to purchase with or without replying ADDRESS first.

Known Limitations for this feature:


  1. The main current limitation is that to participate in conversational shopping a customer must already be a ReCharge customer, i.e. they must have gone through a ReCharge checkout previously.

  2. Currently, we are unable to provide specific shipping/tax amounts in messages, due to a ReCharge limitation.

Feel free to watch a short video walking you through these steps!

Additional commands may be released in the future. If you have any questions related to this feature or any other Postscript feature, just chat with us! We're here to help.

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