Grow List with Klaviyo

You can use this feature to create a call to action in your flows that only show up for customers who are not currently opted-in to SMS Marketing! 


When you integrate Klaviyo into Postscript, Klaviyo will begin tracking certain metrics through that integration. Because of this, Klaviyo is able to sync import activity from Postscript so that you can use that activity data when creating emails in Klaviyo. 


The drag-and-drop template builder within Klaviyo allows you to use contacts' profile properties and event variables to control who sees a given block in a single email template. If you click the ? mark in the Block Editor<Button Block, you can configure the block to only show when a certain profile property is true for the recipient. You can also create a condition around an event variable if your email is triggered by a flow.


After clicking this ? icon, you will be prompted to set a condition that determines whether or not the block is shown. Make sure to then toggle the On button to enable this feature. 


You will want your block to only be viewable to those who have NOT subscribed to your texts. This means making it unviewable for those who have accepted SMS marketing. 


In the Condition field, put: not person|lookup:'Accepts SMS'


Click Save.


Continue building out that Button Block by adding in the Button Text and adding the URL to your landing page. This is the link generated from the "Grow List" section of the Postscript app. Check out this article for how to create that link. 


Finish editing your email - and you're all set! Your email subscribers who have not accepted SMS marketing will receive an email with a quick link to your landing page. Those who have already accepted SMS marketing will not see this button. 


As always, if you have any questions, reach out to us in chat!

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