MMS Deliverability Issues

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While rare, telephone carriers may experience issues delivering MMS messages (i.e., messages containing images and/or GIFs). Historically, we've seen these issues cause degraded image quality or duplicate MMS messages sent to subscribers.

How Postscript Notifies You of Issues

We will always keep you in the loop when deliverability issues occur. When our system detects a carrier issue with MMS message delivery, we'll notify you within the Postscript app.

We have two banners, both of which will display at the top of the page.

Issues Have Recently Occurred Issues Are Currently Occurring
Our gold banner indicates that our system recently detected issues with telephone carriers delivering MMS messages and we suspect those issues may occur again in the near future.


   Note: Issues with MMS deliverability do not affect SMS messages. This is because carriers use separate networks to deliver SMS (plain-text messages) and MMS (messages containing images and/or GIFs).

Addressing Deliverability Issues

As soon as our system recognizes that carriers are having issues delivering MMS messages, Postscript stops sending MMS messages.

Postscript also takes the following actions:

  • Temporarily prevents you from sending or scheduling new MMS campaigns. You can still send SMS campaigns by removing images or GIFs from the campaign.
  • Converts keyword replies and replies to MMS messages to SMS messages. Postscript will charge you the normal amount of credits for the SMS message but will not charge you over 3 credits per message. This ensures your message cost is less than or equal to the MMS message.
  • Converts current MMS automations and previously scheduled MMS campaigns to SMS messages. 

Pausing MMS Automations and Scheduled Campaigns

Postscript offers you the ability to pause previously scheduled MMS campaigns in the event of MMS deliverability issues rather than converting these messages to SMS. To access this setting, you store name in the top menu, then Account from the drop-down list. 


Locate the setting called Pause MMS messages instead of SMS fallback and select Edit to the right of it. This will make the checkbox selectable. Select the checkbox, then select Save.

   Note: We don't recommend enabling this setting if you often run time-sensitive campaigns. SMS messages perform just as well as MMS messages in most cases.

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