This is a simple integration to set up - and allows your shop to share the point balance after each purchase! 


To set up, navigate to the Integrations tab on the left of the page. Find & choose the Swell integration. You'll need your Swell GUID (a unique identifier for your Swell account) & your Swell API key. 


Swell GUID can be found in the settings of your Swell account. Copy/paste that code into Postscript. 


Your Swell API can also be found within your Swell account settings page. Again, copy/paste that code into the Swell API Key field within Postscript. 


SAVE INTEGRATION. You have integrated Swell with Postscript. You should get some Postscript loyalty points added to your balance for this! :) 


*Bear in mind that the sync may take up to 24 hours to complete. Segment filtering may not be able to populate until the sync is complete. 


Swell+Postscript Functionality

A new merge tag will be available to use in your automations called {swell_point_balance}. This is a dynamic number that will be specific to the customer that you're sending to. 


Secondly, you will have the ability to segment your customers based on their Swell balance! (Sending campaigns to those close to reaching a point milestone? Awesome!) 


There you have it, Postscripters. The Swell Points Balance integration is here. Please let us know in chat if you have any questions! 

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