Subscriber Opt-out Actions

Keeping your list healthy is an important part of SMS marketing. Not only do we not want to "waste" credits on those who aren't interested in receiving texts, but we also want to keep your customer base as happy as possible. The ability to easily remove themselves from a subscription list is very important when it comes to compliance.


The legal unsubscribe compliance requirements is for 'Stop', 'End', 'Unsubscribe', and 'Cancel' - all of which we automatically unsubscribe the user if they send it in. 


While STOP seems to be the most popular response to remove yourself from a subscriber list, we've seen a colorful assortment of responses requesting to be unsubscribed. Our team has created a very smart feature that will automatically, and immediately, remove a user from your list when they reply with a "fuzzy" opt-out. 


Here are some examples of words/phrases that will immediately opt the subscriber out of receiving SMS marketing. 


do not text
do not call
don't text
don't call
take me off
wrong number
remove me
***k you
***k off
eat ***t
do not contact
don't contact
do not message
stop texting
stop ****ing texting
unsubscribe me
stop sending texts
stop sending me texts
Stop the text, please!
Stop sending me text message! I have asked many times and you continue to send them to me!
Stop 🛑
STOP SENDING ME THESE TEXTS... I already ordered one and I don't want to keep getting texts from you
Please remove. Thanks.
Stop all texts to me!
Please delete me from your text list. Thanks so much!
Stop sending me text
Stop sending these, please!
Remove this number
Do not text
Remove my phone number
Stop all
Quit texting me you already ripped me off
Please remove my number from your system. Thank you!


This feature will search all responses and remove anyone who is clearly opting-out, even without sending the required "Stop". Your shop will benefit by having a cleaner, healthier list - and you can sleep soundly knowing that you are only texting those who truly WANT to be texted. 


We do still suggest staying on top of your responses tab - to ensure none have slipped through the cracks. You can always manually unsubscribe a number as well! 


As always, if you have additional questions, please reach out to us in chat - we're always happy to help!

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