Shopify Plus Checkout Compliance

It’s essential to ensure that SMS opt-in language on checkout is always up to date with compliance standards. To help ensure that all stores remain up to date, we are deprecating an outdated form of checkout opt-in, and requiring all Shopify Plus customers migrate to our Plus SDK. Please complete the below instructions below right away. Shops that do not update their checkout by 4/1/20 will no longer be collecting subscribers at checkout until the Plus SDK is implemented.


By converting your checkout opt-ins to the Plus SDK, you can have confidence Postscript is taking care of your SMS compliance at checkout WHILE ALSO increasing your opt-in rates at checkout (for both email and SMS).


This update takes 10 minutes, requires no dev work, and has the following benefits:


  • Increase email opt-in rates - you will be able to return your regular marketing opt-in checkbox (for email) to prechecked

  • Reduce your risk - you know that no matter if a theme update happens, or someone on your team messes around with language on checkout, that any opt ins you gather are TCPA-compliant

  • Upsells & Incentives - soon, Postscript will offer the ability for you to add opt-in incentives, like “Opt in to SMS to get $5 off your next order” and have that coupon included in welcome messages

  • Custom design - soon, Postscript will offer the ability for you to dynamically customize the design and appearance of this additional checkbox.

  • Smaller Print - The compliance language will appear in smaller print, helping increase your opt in and conversion rates

Step 1 - Add the Postscript SDK 

Log into your Shopify Admin. Go to the Themes section and find checkout.liquid.


  1. Make sure your "checkout.liquid" file is available. If you click Actions -> Edit Code in your theme in Shopify admin, it should be under the "Layout" section on the left. 

  2. If it isn't there, you'll need to request that your MSM make it available on your store. Then once it's confirmed active, click "Add a New Layout" then select "checkout" in the dropdown, and it will generate the file for you.

  3. Add the following script tag inside the <head> section of the "checkout.liquid" file and save the file. 

<script type="application/javascript" async src=""></script>


Step 2 -  Activate your checkout 


In order to ensure the process is complete, you must go through the updated checkout flow and test it. Add something to your cart, click the new checkbox to opt in phone collection, and hit the continue to shipping button. Only then, will the process be complete. 


Step 3 - Confirm checkout with Postscript

Please chat in or email, so we can confirm the Plus SDK opt-in is live. Once we confirm, you can go to step 4 and delete the old checkout language.


Step 4 -Delete the old checkout language (do not do so until Step 3 is completed and Postscript confirms)

Go to Settings > Checkout and scroll down to the Checkout language section. Press the Manage checkout language button.


Search for “Checkout Marketing”.  In the field called Accept marketing checkbox label, DELETE the old compliance language and replace it with: 


Keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers via email


Once complete, click save at the top of the page.


Then go to Settings > Checkout and scroll down to the Email Marketing section. Since you are now collecting email with this box instead of phone numbers you can click preselect the sign-up option.


Once again - Please make sure to keep the old marketing language on checkout until you have confirmed with the Postscript Team the updated SDK is live. 


If you'd like our team to double check, chat in or email 😊

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