Onboarding Guide

So you're ready to install Postscript & hop on the SMS rocketship! Fantastic! Let's go over onboarding to find out exactly what you're setting up and what you can expect getting started. 

There are two places you can download our app - straight from our website or in the Shopify app store. 

After installing, you'll begin Postscript onboarding - 


Next, you'll want to set up your account. When giving this information, remember that this is the name, email, and phone that we'll have on file for you at Postscript. When we email you reminders, updates, and important changes, this is the email we'll use. So be sure to give us a good one! 


TCPA regulations are incredibly important in SMS marketing - especially here at Postscript. Be sure to watch this quick, helpful video before continuing. 


In order to compliantly collect SMS subscribers at checkout, you'll want to update your checkout - which includes your Terms of Service. It's a good idea to go ahead and complete this step so you can begin growing your list immediately! This article can assist you with the details. 



On the next page, you can add your branding. What will this be used on? Mainly your Postscript popup


You'll be given TWO default keywords to start your account with. During your free trial, you'll only be able to use two keywords, but once you choose a tier, you can create many more!

Remember when creating keywords to be creative, but also stay in brand. Include a discount on one as incentive to subscribe. These keywords will be incredibly important to your SMS growth! 

Learn more about keywords here. 


Now you can put those keywords to good use! At Postscript, we always recommend testing. This will allow you to see what your customer will experience with your brand. 


Next, let's set up some automations to turn on! They are basic automations that you can go ahead and enable - but don't forget to edit them to reflect your brand's voice! You'll want to make sure the discounts are in-line with your marketing efforts, etc. This will simply get you started. 


So you've turned on your automations - what will my default automations look like?


Abandoned Cart Default Text


Welcome Series Default Text


Loyalty Offer Default Text 


Shipping Notification Default Text 


Now remember, all of these are editable once you get into the app - and we highly suggest you to make it customized to your brand! This is just a good place to get started with the right triggers for the automations all set for you. 


Next, you'll get to choose a few ways to start building your SMS List. You can turn on the Mobile Popup that you "branded" in an earlier step and your Checkout page. 


When you Continue to Dashboard, you'll be taken to the page that will walk you through Checkout Setup. Choose the checkout that is relevant to your shop and follow the steps listed in the article. 


And that's it! Now you're ready to get set up & start sending SMS to your growing list. Let us know in chat if you have any additional questions!

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