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Do you have a fantastic idea that would make your day-to-day tasks run smoother on our app? Did you see another app doing something insanely creative & want to see about implementing that into Postscript? Is there a feature that you can't imagine living without? TELL US! 


Note: Only shops on 10k credit plans & above have this feature currently. If you do not have the "Ideas" tab, please reach out to us in chat to submit your feature request! 


Many of our best features that we've released were presented to us by our shops. Your feedback is insanely important to our team - our growth - and our future. We want to hear what you want! 


In the app, click on the "Ideas"  tab to the left of the screen: 


At the top of the page, you'll see three tabs.


Under Consideration

The engineers are not currently working on these features. These are things that we see value in and are considering for the future. 


It's a good idea to rate these ideas so we can properly decide which feature to begin developing!



These features are currently in progress by our team! You will see these be active parts of our app soon - so be sure to let us know how important these are to you so we can better prioritize their release. 



In this tab, you can see what features we've already released. It'll give you an idea of what we have worked on - and what we've put into action for you! As we move features out of the PLANNED tab, you'll find them in this tab. 




Give your Feedback

There are two ways to let our team know what features you'd like to see.


Rate the Importance of Ideas that are Under Consideration & Planned

For all of the ideas showcased in the Under Consideration & Planned tabs, you can rate how important these features are for your shop. (Your answers go straight to our engineering team!) 


Simply click on the Idea, rate it either "Nice-to-Have, Important, or Critical". 


Any context that you can provide will help us make this product better for you! Here, you'll have an opportunity to share any details that you find important. How would you use it? Would it increase your productivity? Your ROI? Customer Experience? 


Provide your email address so we can keep in touch with you regarding this feature - and SUBMIT!


Submit your Idea if it's not already listed

If you don't see the feature request you have in mind listed, let us know! Click on the Submit Idea button on the top right of the screen. 


On this screen, give us details of the feature you'd love to see Postscript release. Let us know how you'd use it, how it would work in the best case scenerio, etc. 


Rate it's importance, leave your email address, and SUBMIT!


Thanks so much for being a part of the Postscript team - we hope you see how much we value your feedback. We truly want to be the best app in your arsenal!


Let us know if you have any questions by reaching out to us in chat!

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