Auto-Responder Setup

There are several reasons a shop may prefer to have an auto-responder used in SMS marketing. Perhaps you do not have a dedicated CS team to respond to texts as they come in. Maybe you prefer they communicate via email. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to set up an auto-responder inside of Postscript.


Bear in mind that we do not recommend auto-responders, but many have asked if this was possible to set-up. We have tons of helpdesk integrations as well as text to email forwarding to respond to your customers in a timely and efficient manner!


First, you'll navigate to your Automations tab to the left of the page.


Click Create Automation to start building a message from scratch.



Name your Automation.


Automation Trigger should be Subscriber Reply (Non-Keyword).


After saving, the next page you can edit your text & change the delay. For an auto-responder, we suggest a short delay, such as 2 minutes.


Edit the text of your automation. We suggest keeping the response down to less than 160 characters with no image/gif attached. If many customers send in responses, this will cut back on credit usage.

Save automation.


You're all set! Feel free to test out this feature now that you have it set up. Respond to a campaign and make sure you receive the auto-responder you've created.


As always, reach out to us in chat if you have any additional questions at all!

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