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When sending texts, there are specific specs that we highly recommend for images & GIFs. That's because the carriers can shrink them down once they've been sent, lowering the quality of the file along with it.


To learn more about the specific specs that we recommend, check out this article.



Windows OS

Open the image on your computer, right-click & chooses Resize.


Choose the option for Thumbnail & resave that image.

Double-check that the image is close to 500kb by opening your File Folder, right-clicking the image, and choosing Properties.


Here you can see the size of the image. You can confirm that it is below 500kb & ready to be uploaded into your text on Postscript.


In the Preview app on your Mac, open the file you want to resize. Choose Tools > Adjust Size, then select Resample Image.


Here, you can choose a preset size from the dropdown menu or you can enter a custom number.

The program will calculate the size at the bottom of the menu so you can tell when you've resized the image to below 500kb. Save the newly resized image.


Once that's complete, you can upload your image into your Postscript text that you're creating!



When resizing GIFs, we've found that has a simple interface that easily optimizes GIFs for use in text messages.


Once you've chosen the GIF you'd like to use, navigate to Choose GIF Optimizer from the bar at the top of the page.

Upload your GIF onto using their upload tool.


There are two main ways to make your GIF smaller. Optimizing is the main way, but if your GIF is very large (specifically because it's a longer in length), you can also remove some frames to save on the size of the file. You can skip the Frame portion if you'd like and go directly to optimizing, but for the sake of an example, I will show you both!



Click the Frames button.

To remove some of the frames, click on the red Skip button under the frame you'd like to omit. I typically don't remove two that are next to each other, but rather skip several between the ones I omit.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen & choose Make a GIF!

This will open up the GIF lower on the page with the frames removed. You can also see the size of your GIF now that you've edited it.


If the GIF still isn't small enough, click "Optimize"

Move the Compression Level slider to the right to compress your GIF to a smaller file size. This may take several tries to get it right! Each time you press Optimize GIF, you can see the new file size of the GIF you compressed.


Once you have your GIF to your desired size (close to 500kb), click SAVE! Upload this GIF to your Postscript texts & send away!


As always, reach out to us in chat if you have any additional questions.

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